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squidgiepdx: (facepalm, personal - facepalm)

squidgiepdx's Journal

(Usually tired, sometimes hungover, always reading fanfiction)

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Birthdate:Nov 12
Location:Boring, Oregon, United States of America
Website:walter's little world

Contact Details:
I've been in slash fandom since 1994, running I started out in The X-Files fandom, grew to The Sentinel and Scrubs. Then I laid low for quite a few years before getting into Sports Night in 2010, which is what brought me to LiveJournal. elderwitty, a friend who I've known for quite a while, trickled me in to the Stargate Atlantis fandom, which has really engulfed most of my time. She also introduced me to AUs, which is how I spend a great deal of my time now, as well - writing SGA characters in alternative universes.

Everything I write (alone, and in conjunction with elderwitty) is tagged with the word "fic" along with the year it was written. I'll also do a year-end roundup of all the stuff I write, so it'll be in one place. There's one set of stories that have their own post, and that's our Stargate Atlantis AU called "Citrus Hill 'verse", in which Rodney is banished to a remote Florida town by the SGA for his attitude, and he meets John, Citrus Hill's all-around good guy and catch-all. You can find that information here:

A word on sharing our creations. I've been lucky enough to have been blessed to write in two of my favorite author's alternative universes - sheafrotherdon's Iowa 'verse and esteefee's Fair Trade 'verse. It's such an honor to dabble in the universes of people that I admire and respect so much for their work, and I extend that same blessing to anyone who wants to dabble in one of the universes that elderwitty and I write in - or just extend or remix one of the stories that I've written. Right now, there are a ton of stories that have been written, and two alternative universes - the "Live A Little"'verse where Rodney is Rodney and John is a tattoo artist, and of course Citrus Hill. And you can do this without having to ask permission. Seriously - have fun with the characters! I know Fred and Ethel Pemberton from Citrus Hill would like some sort of backstory beyond John and Rodney. And we only touched the surface of heavily tattooed Lorne in Live a Little. Just two possibilities out of thousands.

And to toot my own horn, as well as bring attention to Small Fandom Fest, I give you...

Interests (20):

alternative universes, dan & casey, don & timmy, don strachey mysteries, general geekdom, grimm, hawaii five-0 (2010), john & rodney, letterkenny, mcshep, nick & monroe, parrish & lorne, rss feed, scrubs, slash, sports night, stargate atlantis, the sentinel, the x-files, writing
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